A guide for your unicorn obsessions.

Ditch the practical world and take a trip to the unicorn land. Play with the fairies, ride a unicorn , swim with mermaids and chase the rainbows. Rediscover the unicorn within you in the world of monotony .

We have put together a perfect guide,just for your unicorn obsessions.

  • Flying unicorns for your smart buddy.

Get a silicon skin with floating hearts and glitter for your smart phone. Mango people offer variety of fascinating covers to choose from. They are absolutely Bang for one’s buck!

shop at: https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns

  • Magical Unicorn Emoji Charger

Unicorns are magical but our gadgets are not! They need constant magical powers to stay charged. Featuring a tiny colorful horn, twinkly eyes, curly pink hair, Unicorn Power Bank will never betray you. Stay charged on the go, always!

shop at: https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-power-bank

  • Sleep with “Unicorns”

What could be better than sleeping in arms of your very own unicorn? Feeling like paradise maybe? Unicorn bed/comforter is the utmost gorgeous bed you’ll ever come across. Magical dreams will be on there way!

shop at:https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-bed-comforter

  • Be a “unicorn”

Be ready to take over the universe ,in a gold horn, huge anime eyes, and a super fluffy mane that extends the whole way to the tail.
Step out in confidence and believe!


shop at: https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-onesie-pyjama-set-purple

  • Have “Unicorn feet”

Get this magical feet With Plush Unicorn Slippers! they are cozy,warm and fuzzy. Slide your feet into the unicorns every morning.

Be on top of the world.

shop at: https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/plush-unicorn-slippers

  • Get a “pony”

Brighten up a corner of your home, this Unicorn Horse Marquee Light will perfectly add that vibrancy to that dull corner of any room. Make a statement with this personality-packed piece. This light will add some positive energy and a touch of cheekiness.

shop at:https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-horse-marquee-light-lamp

  • Hoodies & sweat shirts

As magical as it is. Life’s more enjoyable in this adorable Unicorn Hoodie featuring a golden horn, sweet unicorn ears, twinkly eyes and pink hair. can be worn with pyjamas, tights or jeans for a comfy day out or slumber party look.                                                             Step out in confidence!

shop at:https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-horse-marquee-light-lamp

  • Unicorn head

“Being a human” is getting too complicated. Time to be a Unicorn! Creep the hell out of your near and dear ones and also for magical perfect selfies .

shop at :https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/magical-unicorn-head-mask

  • Sling bag

Roam around the town with the buddy by your side with  Unicorn Holographic Shoulder Clutch  it is a dreamy clutch, for the girls who like to show off their extreme affection  beautiful iridescent rainbow hologram.

shop at: https://www.mangopeople.biz/collections/believe-in-unicorns/products/unicorn-holographic-shoulder-clutch


Keep believing! Go unicorns!



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