5 Ideas for an Awesome Sunday

SundayOla peeps. Sunday is here and comes back the question… After 6 gruelling working days (or 5 in the case of some lucky fellas) that nearly put you to death, how do you spend that one prized Sunday? How do you make the most of it and do justice to that one day of freedom against 6 days of continuous back-breaking, gut-wrenching hectic schedules and stress?

Fear not ’cause we’d hate for you to let your Sundays go to the dumpster and hence, present you with 10 ideas that can make for an amazing Sunday…

  1. Lunch/Shopping Date with your Girl Gang/Boyfriend:Shopaholics.gif
    (source: http://somewhereinmiddleofnowhere.tumblr.com/post/46027685103)

    Holler all the ladies in the house!! 6 days of work are enough to suck the life out of you. Yet ask a woman and she’ll not deny the merits of shopping as a therapy. Go out with your girl gang, your boyfriend (if you are the sadistic sorts who love to put their boyfriends through misery, also if your boyfriend’s the ever-sacrificing bag of cuteness who’ll do anything to be in your company) or solo. Go and paint the town red, be it the most happening mall in town, a handicrafts market or your secret flea market (yes, we know Burberry can be found in places we don’t talk openly of). Still not satisfied? Add a hearty lunch to the day and you can thank us later.

  2. Watch Movies:
    Movie Buffs.gif

    (source: http://nmatv.tumblr.com/post/38137803073/hobbits-watching-the-hobbit)

    We live in a country where we have more religions than are officially recognised. One is considered Cricket and the second, is movies. While the first depends on whether some series or league is going on, movies are eternal. Considering the movie buff I am, it is safe to assume that every 2 weeks we have a good movie coming up (if you are open enough to watch a Bollywood flick too). Take up a companion or go solo, enjoy 3 hours of entertainment with a bucket of popcorn and a large coke and pamper yourself. If no movies are worth watching in a cinema yet, rent a DVD or ask your friend to lend you a good movie. *DDLJ, anyone?*

  3. Binge Watch an entire series:
    Binge Watching.gif

    (source: http://televisionwithoutpity.tumblr.com/post/65174455220)

    Still seems too good to be true that Netflix is finally here. Nevertheless, make the most of that membership, go online and binge watch your favourite series out of hundreds of options available. What’s even better? Order food from that corner Chinese Restaurant, call your friends over (if they are sane enough to be dealt with on a Sunday) or your boyfriend (no, don’t make him watch Gossip Girl or Desperate Housewives, unless you want him within an inch of death).

  4. Go out for an activity:Morning Runs.gif
    (source: http://hulu.tumblr.com/post/51309577315/choose-life-choose-a-job-choose-a-career)

    Here is that one thing for the unconventional ones. Think you can wake up early on a Sunday morning? Go out for a long run (you can find communities in metros that organise such runs), a game of your liking (remember the good ol’ school days when Sunday cricket used to be a big deal?) or cycling across the city (check online for lucrative options). Not only are these entertaining ways to engage in activities that start your day on a high, you’ll be doing your health a favour (especially after all the Saturday night frolics).

  5. Do nothing:
    Sleepy Sundays.gif

    (Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CatGifs/comments/4i6lur/sleepy_paws/)

    That seems misleading, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the idea. Wake up late, get that weekly house cleaning done, finish all the chores, get done with any office work and sleep throughout your Sunday (I’m pretty sure this is what the saints mean when they talk of heaven). After all, who doesn’t love catching up on sleep after a sleepless week? (Yes, it’s a rhetoric).

Hope you guys have a Super Sunday. And just in case you get bored of all the activities after a while, make sure to visit https://www.mangopeople.biz/ to have your mind blown!

Cover Image Source: http://www.mortimerarms.co.uk/happy-sunday-2/

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